Add Widgetbird to Webflow

Hello Widgetbirds! A lot of you maybe think we ‘only’ support WordPress based websites. But that is not true.. Are you exploring ways to enhance your Webflow sites and generate more leads? Widgetbird is ready for you!

Webflow is an exceptional tool for visually building responsive websites without writing code. It empowers designers to craft custom designs that are both attractive and functional. Integrating Widgetbird with your Webflow projects seamlessly complements this by allowing you to add versatile widgets that enrich user experience.

Widgetbird offers a broad range of integration possibilities, making your website a central hub for visitor interaction. Whether it’s enhancing communication through WhatsApp, connect Mailchimp, or ActiveCampaign, or providing direct booking capabilities with Calendly, Widgetbird widgets are designed to streamline your tools and boost your lead generation efforts.

With Widgetbird, you can create widgets like a free WhatsApp button, which lets your visitors communicate with you directly from your website. This kind of integration not only makes your site more interactive but also helps in converting casual visitors into potential leads by providing them easy ways to connect with you.

Adding custom JavaScript code to your Webflow website is straightforward, which is essential for integrating advanced functionalities like Widgetbird widgets. Simply navigate to your project’s settings, and under the ‘Custom Code’ tab, you can add your JS code in the footer code section. This method ensures that the custom code loads on each page, right before the closing </body> tag, allowing your Widgetbird widgets to function seamlessly across your site.

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