Free Whatsapp button

Hello Widgetbird users! This is the first Owl wisdom post. With Owl wisdom we want to share some amazing tips and tricks for using Widgetbird. Did you know, we’re offering a free WhatsApp button for your website, enabling your visitors to chat with you directly through WhatsApp with just one click. It’s all about making communications as direct and as simple as possible.

Here’s how you can quickly add this feature to your site:

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Customize your widget: pick a button style and placement that fit within your website.
  3. Link your WhatsApp: just add your business number, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re using WordPress, it gets even easier. Install our Widgetbird plugin from the WordPress plugin directory to integrate the WhatsApp button effortlessly. This no-fuss, no-code solution is perfect for keeping your interactions smooth and professional.

Frits from Widgetbird