Affiliate program

Turn your content into revenue with the Widgetbird Affiliate Program.

Why become a Widgetbird affiliate?

Grow within our program by leveling up to the next affiliate tier. The more customers you refer, the more you will get rewarded. Unlock the potential of your content like never before with up to 50% recurring commission for every year!

Widgetbirds affiliate tiers


0 to 3 conversions*
One-time 40% commission

Bird nest

4 to 6 conversions*
One-time 50% commission

Bird house

6+ conversions*
Recurring** 50% commission

* Conversions are accounts that have subscribed to a paid plan.
** Our plans are billed annually, and you receive a recurring commission until the paid plan is canceled.

How to become a Widgetbird affiliate?

Create a free account to join the Widgetbird journey. After succesfully create a free account go to the affiliate page. Here you see some information about Widgetbird affiliates program. Generate the Affiliate link on the button ‘Generate affiliate link’. Now your account is connected to an affiliate account. You are ready to go and start earning eggs.. kidding money ofcourse.