For agencies

Boost your agency’s services with Widgetbird. Easily manage and deploy widgets for all your clients, giving them an edge with our simple, powerful tools.

Overview of your widgets

Streamline your client management with Widgetbird Agency. It displays each client’s domain, active integrations, conversions, and triggers. Recognize at a glance who owns and has access to each widget, ensuring your team’s collaboration is efficient. To modify widget settings, simply select ‘Options’ next to the relevant entry. This dashboard is tailored for agencies to effortlessly oversee their widget landscape.


Foster teamwork with Widgetbird’s collaboration feature. Share access with team members and work together to design, deploy, and manage widgets, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.


Prioritize your visitors’ privacy with Widgetbird. Our platform complies with data protection regulations and ensures personal information is handled securely. Widgetbird widgets and first party integrations don’t use cookies.