How it works

Getting started with Widgetbird is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to not only bring your website to life with customizable widgets but also turn your visitors into customers.

1. Create your account

Start personalizing your website today with our powerful widgets. Create an account to access all the features Widgetbird has to offer. It’s fast, easy, and brings you one step closer to optimizing your online presence. You can register yourself here, we don’t need your credit card details.

2. Style your widget

Tailor your widget to seamlessly integrate with your website’s design. Adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to echo your brand’s identity. Extend this customization to your integrations, ensuring a cohesive look across all elements of your site. This way, both your widgets and integrations will complement your design beautifully.

3. Add integrations

Boost your website by adding an integration. Widgetbird makes it easy to connect with tools and services, enhancing your website’s features. Explore our integration options to improve functionality and offer a better experience to your visitors.

4. Your widget is ready to fly

Congratulations! Your widget is all set and ready to enhance your website. Watch as it improves interaction and boosts user engagement. Feel free to tweak and refine its features with Widgetbird as needed. If you haven’t installed the code to your website yet, please click here to find detailed instruction on how to do so.