Add control trough HTML classes

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that will give our users even more control over their Widgetbird widgets. With our latest update, you can now manage your widget directly through HTML classes. This enhancement is designed to provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience for business owners, marketing professionals, and agencies who rely on Widgetbird for engaging with their audience.

What’s New?

Open and Close with Ease: Simply add the wb-open and wb-close classes to your HTML elements to open and close your Widgetbird widget. This is perfect for integrating seamless interaction triggers within your existing web design.

Integration Specific Controls: Need a tailored approach for different tools or sections of your site? Use the wb-open-integration-{integration_id} class to target specific integrations. This allows for precise control and customization, enhancing the functionality and user interaction on your site.

This update not only simplifies the widget management but also empowers you to integrate these controls creatively into your website’s interactive elements. Whether you’re looking to enhance user engagement or streamline your site’s interactivity, these new class-based controls are designed to support your goals efficiently.