Featured on G2

We are happy to announce that Widgetbird is now listed on G2.com, a leading platform for software reviews and services. Being on G2 is not just our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, but also a great opportunity for business owners and marketing professionals to make informed decisions about the tools they use. I didn’t knew G2 was that big for companies. We learn every day.

Creating a business profile on G2 turned out to be more challenging than anticipated. Initially, the communication hurdles were significant, making the process rather cumbersome. Fortunately, with the assistance of a colleague, Olivia, we navigated through the complexities and successfully claimed our profile.

Being on G2.com means that current and potential users can now easily access honest reviews about Widgetbird, compare features with other similar tools, and ultimately find the best fit for their business needs. For business owners and marketing agencies, this translates to transparency and trust in choosing a tool that’s backed by a community of users.

As we take this big step, it’s worth mentioning that we haven’t opted for a paid account on G2.com —turns out, they’re as premium priced as a vintage wine collection. But jokes aside, this means our presence is fueled purely by user experiences and feedback. So, every review truly counts.

We will now focus on Product Hunt to be listed on. We will keep you updated by our pigeon posts.